Saturday, 19 December 2015

Two Boys' Balls Handled Very Differently

One day a boy called Jack, aged ten, dug up a round and heavy object in his garden. When it was cleaned up it proved to be made of iron. Jack's dad took him to a nearby archaeological resource center where historians were able to verify that it was a "saker," which is a type of cannonball used during the English civil war (1642 to 1651).

Jack said: "I'm really interested in archaeology now and in finding stuff. I like digging around in my garden and getting muddy."

Jack was invited, as a special guest, to take part in an archaeological dig at Rufford Abbey County Park by Nottingham County Council.

In contrast Ryan, also aged ten, found his 17th century English civil war cannonball under a shrub. He used it to play street football with his friends on an outdoor basketball court.

There are no photographs of Ryan with his ball, because when his father saw it he phoned the bomb squad, who then destroyed it in a controlled explosion.

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